Friday, October 13, 2017

The History of Jose Madrid Salsa Fundraising

Fun Fundraising IdeasJose Madrid Salsa Fundraising is proud to provide delicious salsa selections for fundraisers, but we haven’t always been in the business of healthy fundraisers.

Our business has origins with Zak’s Restaurant, a Mexican restaurant that began in 1976 in Zanesville, Ohio. Mike Zakany and his brother started this business to provide casual Mexican cuisine to the community. People really loved their salsa, so they began to offer it in Canada. Mike started working on the salsa in the kitchen, using the customer’s reviews to help shape his salsa – providing fantastic options like his Original Red and great fruit selections. 

In 1987, he started Jose Madrid Salsa to begin sharing his amazing creations with people all over the world. After realizing that people were interested in selling his salsa to raise money, he decided to start this aspect of the business to do some good and help people get the money they need for their school and more through healthy fundraising.

Are you interested in fun fundraising ideas? Count on Jose Madrid Salsa Fundraising to provide you with one of the most unique and exciting opportunities out there. Sign up today and learn more about what you need to do to start your fundraiser.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Spice Up the Evening with Salsa Music & Sauce

Charity Fundraising Ideas

Add a salsa party to your list of charity fundraising ideas. With a salsa-themed event, you can have dancing, music, and all manner of salsa varieties from our company. We specialize in providing salsas for nonprofit organizations looking for innovative ways to entice and please their donors.

Rely on us to help you raise the fundraising bar with all things salsa at your next event. Turn the evening into a spectacular social event with salsa music, salsa dancing, and authentic salsas from Jose Madrid Salsa Fundraising.

With our salsas you are sure to liven up the palates of all your guests. Some of our most popular sauces include Mango Mild, Raspberry BBQ Chipotle, Jamaican Jerk Hot, and Roasted Pineapple Habanero Hot.

We offer many more choices from scorching to mild and everything in between. You can sell jars or cases (mixing and matching flavors) directly to your attendees.

Think of the fun everyone will have with an “All Things Salsa” party. All you have to do is fill out our Create a Fundraiser form to get the information you need. We intend to help you turn your financial goals into reality and have fun in the process.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Make Fundraisers Memorable by Selling Salsa

Bowl of Salsa and Tortilla Chips
Make your fundraising event memorable and successful with gourmet salsas from Jose Madrid Salsa Fundraising, a family-owned company that produces restaurant-quality salsa varieties. We have been serving the needs of salsa lovers and nonprofit groups for more than 25 years. There are three main ways to enhance the money-making potential of your event by selling salsa.

Plan A – Sell in advance of event for $6.00 per jar.

Plan B– Choose from several varieties to sell directly to your donors.

Plan C–Pre-sell cases made up of salsa varieties at $72.00 for a 12-jar case.

Produce a fundraiser that engages your invitees with creative salsa options that entice any palate. From Stupid Hot to Mango Mild, there’s a taste treat for everyone on the list. Encourage your supporters to try something new for appetizers, toppings, and traditional Mexican meals. There are a number of ways to use our delicious salsas, for example:

·   Appetizers
·   Hostess Gifts
·   Weekend Chefs
·   Salsa Lovers
·   Silent Auction Items

Contact us for more information on setting up your next fundraiser with creative salsas. We want to know about your event and how we can help you meet your financial goals. Find out how you can get your supporters going with something new, different, and super delicious!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Welcome to the Jose Madrid Salsa Fundraising Blog

Salsa Fundraising

Getting involved in fundraisers for schools and other organizations means looking for unique and exciting opportunities that will excite people and help you raise the money you need. Jose Madrid Salsa Fundraising, a dedicated company offering restaurant-quality salsas, is proud to provide you with the chance to sell our salsa to help you raise money.

When you think about raising money for your event or school, it can be hard to find an option that will get people excited. When you sell Jose Madrid Salsa, you are able to offer an incredible product that you won’t find everywhere. Whether you are trying to appeal to parents, building interest in your local community, or just trying to sell to your friends and families, this selection is a great option for you. Our salsa has been around for more than 25 years and it has won awards in both the US and Canada. From our spicy salsas to our mellow fruit selections, we offer a salsa for every palate.  

Read more about our salsa fundraising options and start raising the money you need today. Our business is dedicated to offering healthy salsas and creative solutions to schools, churches, and other groups seeking new ways to raise money.